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Electronic Health Records

EMR Implementation - Nurse Staffing Technology for the EMR Age

The deadline for certified Electronic Medical Record* (EMR) implementation and compliance is 2014, a mandate of the federal HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) Act passed in 2009. The good news is billions of dollars have been made available to eligible healthcare providers to help offset cost of EMR implementation and adopting meaningful use measures for EMRs.

What defines Meaningful Use?

Meaningful use is a broad term that refers to utilizing EMRs in a manner that improves the coordination of patient care, reduces medical errors and enhances the interoperability of medical data and functions. Though certified EMR software will play a vital role in achieving meaningful use mandates, few things will be more important than having a knowledgeable nurse staff on hand to follow through on EMR training and technologies. 

Candidate Direct can help you achieve meaningful use

3 Steps to Success!

EMRs are only as good as the staff who use them. To this end, Candidate Direct can help procure top quality Registered Nurse staff in a fast, cost-efficient manner. Our proprietary healthcare staffing software enable healthcare providers to attract traveling nurses and permanent staff trained in leading EMR technology, as well as to on-board supplemental nurses needed to ensure quality patient care while EMRs are phased in. Candidate Direct Case Studies

Step 1: Assess your needs

First, schedule a phone call or a demo to see how Candidate Direct nurse staffing technology works.  From there, together we will assess and determine the staffing needs of your healthcare organization. A short list of benefits includes:

  1. Mobilizing permanent and travel nurses quickly and efficiently
  2. Thorough credentialing, documentation and background checks of all candidates
  3. View only those submissions that match posted job descriptions or skill levels.

Step 2: Customize your solution

Once the on-site assessment is complete, we will customize a solution geared toward meeting your EMR staffing needs. In just a few days, nurse staffing managers and supervisors at your facility will feel the relief that only a proprietary Internet platform like Candidate Direct can bring.

  1. Sourcing and recruiting functions managed from a single electronic interface
  3. Tedious phones calls eliminated
  4. Time wasted with under-qualified candidates will be eliminated

Step 3: Experience the Savings

 Fill rates increase almost immediately with Candidate Direct and administrative time saved can be redirected toward EMR implementation and training efforts.

  1. Retain revenues during the EMR conversion period by keeping staffed
  2. Reduce your inbox of  agency emails, Candidate Direct provides the platform to manage supplemental staffing processes
  3. Save thousands of dollars a year in bill rates and administrative expenses

With millions more Americans gaining access to healthcare, maintaining adequate nurse staff during EMR implementation will be a challenge, in particular for facilities that employ hundreds of nurses. Let Candidate Direct help. We will provide you with the healthcare staffing expertise needed to achieve meaningful use and to keep your facility staffed with nurses and allied healthcare professionals during healthcare’s greatest transition in the digital age – Electronic Medical Records. Get Started Today.

*Also known as Electronic Health Records (HER)

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