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FAQ's about Vendor Management Systems

  1. What makes the Candidate Direct staffing software unique?
  2. Which professionals can healthcare employers source?
  3. Will a workforce management solution lower costs?
  4. What healthcare vendor management services do you offer?
  5. Why will staffing software improve facility performance?
  6. Is training included in the Candidate Direct VMS?
  7. Is the workforce management solution expensive?
  8. Is the Candidate Direct VMS platform secure?
  9. Does the vendor management system have data back up?
  • What makes the Candidate Direct staffing software unique?
  • Candidate Direct is a secure web-based online marketplace for healthcare employers to access nationwide talent sources to fill your healthcare organization's job openings. Your reach is extended to healthcare talent sources everywhere. Candidate Direct hospital vendor management utilizes a national agency membership component, healthcare career websites, social media networks, and job boards to reach experienced professionals and new grads seeking permanent or temporary employment opportunities

    The staffing software fills open positions quickly and cost efficiently by simply posting positions on our secure web-based healthcare vendor management solution. Candidates for your jobs are ranked by predefined standards, streamlining your staffing into one consistent process. The applicant tracking feature enables the best choice of candidates.

  • Which professionals can healthcare employers source?
  • Our hospital vendor management system (VMS) can be used to source all types of workforce candidates. It is most frequently used to broaden the scope of qualified applicants for both contract and permanent positions in nursing, allied healthcare and physician placements. Healthcare facilities that rely on the Candidate Direct Marketplace for quality staff include hospitals, rehab facilities, outpatient clinics, surgery centers and even private practice.

  • Will workforce management staffing software lower healthcare employers’ costs?
  • Our talent sources include our national agency membership as well as healthcare career websites, social media networks, and job boards. Our hospital vendor management staffing software provides the best way to work with qualified agencies across the country, ensuring that applicant tracking processes are streamlined and costs are reduced. Just post your position and our vendor management system will begin submitting candidates for your review.

  • What hospital vendor management services do you offer?
  • Our comprehensive web-based staffing software offers healthcare employers automated tools to manage applicant tracking, candidate skills assessment, documentation and credentialing, drug and background checks, licensure, timekeeping and invoicing, auditing and more.

  • Why will staffing software improve facility performance?
  • When healthcare employers utilize Candidate Direct hospital vendor management, there is no need to worry about anything technical; it works seamlessly and is supported 24/7 365 days a year. Hospital staff, administrators, recruitment agencies, and even candidates can access the system from any computer – work, home or on-the-go. You can even access Candidate Direct staffing software on your mobile phone.

  • Is training included in the Candidate Direct Marketplace?
  • Yes, we’re all about making things easy for healthcare employers. With our intuitive and easy-to-learn hospital vendor management staffing software, employee training sessions take less than a half of an hour and applicant tracking is seamless.

  • Is the Candidate Direct workforce management staffing software expensive?
  • Not at all! Healthcare employers incur no costs when utilizing the Candidate Direct Marketplace.

  • Is the Candidate Direct Marketplace platform secure?
  • Rest assured, hospital staffing data and healthcare employers’ records are stored in a secure data center that has full redundancy and back up. Our healthcare vendor management solution provides 24/7, 365 days a year password protection, data integrity, backups, and automatic updates. You log into our secure site, to access https (Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure, (HTTP Secure) an encrypted form of information transfer on the internet), which ensures every user is authenticated by a specific user name and unique password.

  • Does the hospital vendor management staffing software have data back up?
  • Yes, daily backups are stored in highly secure multiple locations for additional redundancy. Candidate Direct delivers excellence in hospital customer service ratings for staffing software peace of mind.

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By providing online access to multiple healthcare talent sources including our nationwide agency marketplace, Candidate Direct healthcare vendor management solutions allow you to get the best candidates at the best rates. Candidate Direct makes it possible to bring high quality staff into your organization at the lowest cost. Contact Candidate Direct and start meeting your staffing needs today!

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