While the recession does present a challenge to professionals working everywhere from world-renowned institutions and non-profits to up and coming businesses, the healthcare marketplace shows light at the end of the tunnel by offering recession-proof careers in stable, high paying Case Management Jobs. Because of leadership and significant organizational skills—all key in increasing patient access and affordability to healthcare—Case Managers continue to be in high demand.

In a time when cutting costs matters more than ever, Case Managers rise to the occasion by reviewing medical documentation, discovering errors in billing, and assisting with  the social worker aspects in patient placement with a keen eye for detail and ethics; at the end of the day, their collective efforts save healthcare employers billions of dollars.

Case Management jobs are in the nerve centers of skilled nursing facilities, outpatient and rehab centers. Along with these fast paced environments, come challenges associated with a varied job description. An effective Case Manager wears many hats; he or she is not only an advocate, improving clinical outcomes by raising the bar on efficiency and patient satisfaction; they must also look after the financial well-being of the healthcare employer.

Healthcare Vendor Management brings the Case Manager’s invaluable talents to outpatient centers and large rehab hospitals striving to balance budgets and improve rank among the best institutions in the country. Finding and matching talent like this is often a matter of using a well-recognized name in healthcare management software—the result is the same for a skilled nursing facility, outpatient center or hospital, adhering to strict service recovery standards that improve patient care while delivering better results and impacting the bottom line.

Such service recovery issues dealt with by Case Managers include patient advocacy issues like these:

  • Was the treatment prescribed necessary and affordable?
  • Were insurance difficulties, if any, met with assurances and follow-through on the patient’s behalf?
  • Was the patient placed in the most ideal atmosphere to treat his or her unique case—such as a nursing home facility that catered to his needs and/or appropriate rehab center?
  • Were the right specialists assigned to the patient, his family given enough information, and privacy protected?

When a healthcare employer staffs its medical facility with a case manager who can answer yes to all this and more, they have provided the best management solution possible.

And, yet there’s an additional and unique benefit to what well-staffed case management jobs bring to the table; they are helping bridge the gap created by the nursing shortage. High turnover in rehab and outpatient centers can stretch staff so thin, it’s up to Case Managers to make sure the lines of communication between patient, doctors and caregivers remain open; an efficient Case Manager may be the one who catches an oversight in patient care before it becomes a bigger problem.

Current trends in medical careers that make a profound and welcome difference in the healthcare marketplace are yours for the taking on resources like Candidate Direct, where our vendor staffing expertise fill your permanent and contingent vacancies at the lowest possible rates, while fulfilling your high expectations.

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