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Healthcare Staffing isn’t always easy. Especially if a healthcare provider’s local labor pool doesn’t support the RN specialists patients require. To fill gaps in bedside care, the ER, OR, NICU and others; healthcare facilities nationwide rely on travel nurses to supplement their permanent staff. Their skills are just as good as staff nurses and in many cases better prepared to care for and communicate with disparate patient populations, indicate findings by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. As 30 million plus Americans gain access to healthcare through the nation’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, reports a Foundation study, traveling nurses may play a bigger role than ever in staffing healthcare providers that face growing patient populations and attrition by older nurses.

And though an increase in the number of patients is bottom line news for any healthcare provider, headaches in sourcing qualified nurse candidates can be daunting and costly. Time consuming interviews, piles of paperwork and endless phone calls to onboard supplemental RNs for multiple units or floors can be drastically reduced with services of a healthcare vendor management web-based platform

Fortunately, healthcare providers that suffer from in-house or regional nurse shortages have tools at their disposal to aid in establishing a pool of supplemental or traveling nurses to count on when patient populations fluctuate. Or when family leave, illness or short-termVMS solutions disabilities threaten nurse-patient ratios. Web-based management tools such as the Candidate Direct Marketplace help reduce hiring time in sourcing travel nurses; in turn boosting fill rates and alleviating burdens associated with manual interviews, lackluster staffing agencies, nurse licensure and documentation. Moreover, the healthcare vendor management technology speaks to major concerns shared by healthcare providers when addressing staffing spend; cost, administration, consolidation and communication.

Cost – Though hiring traveling nurses and allied health professionals might appear to come at a premium, the Marketplace helps reduce these costs by sorting on the lowest bill rate, allowing drill downs to source the best available candidates, based on the experience, qualifications, licensure and documentation of each. Once a nurse administrator uploads a position to the web-based management system, the Marketplace does the rest, significantly saving manpower hours. Moreover, the Marketplace enables healthcare staffing agencies to bid for nurse jobs, oftentimes providing the best candidate at the lowest hourly rate.

Administration – the Marketplace provides a central point of contact for nurse managers in the healthcare staffing process. Dates, times, orientation, training, documentation and other sourcing and onboarding details for one or more units can be accessed by a single computer interface – handheld and tablet friendly. No more paper files or messy desktops. Approved supervisors can view information 24/7, 365 days a year from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Consolidation – Unique to the Marketplace is its ability to enable top performing healthcare staffing agencies compete for your facility’s positions. Providers choose which staffing agencies answer nurse job postings and from there the Marketplace tracks the documentation and credentials of each, can set benchmarks and organize files, flags and priority staffing automatically.

Communication –The Marketplace puts everybody on the same page: nurse administrators, healthcare staffing agencies, and human resources. Time on the phone is greatly reduced. Tedious interoffice staffing memos and faxes eliminated. Staffing Agencies, departments, candidates, ingoing/outgoing emails are all organized automatically in the Marketplace. Communicating with stakeholders becomes easy and efficient.

Exploring a web-based healthcare vendor management system cost nothing and could save thousands in staffing spend. The Candidate Direct Marketplace rises to the top. The management team has over 25  years healthcare staffing experience and they  are highly trained to accommodate accounts large and small.

To learn more about Candidate Direct Healthcare Talent Management call 800-585-1710 or click here to Get Started. In just a short period of time clients have realized significant savings in manpower hours and organization in the hiring process. Get staffed for millions more patients today – and stay staffed.

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