healthcare staffing turnoverThink it’s hard keeping an eye on RN and Allied healthcare turnover? Try keeping an eye on hospital CEO turnover. According to a report from the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), hospital CEO turnover rate in 2013 reached  a new high of 20 percent, up from 17 percent the previous year. Further evidence that healthcare staffing is no easy proposition — at any level.

The ACHE report surmises that the increase in turnover may reflect a wave of baby-boomer CEO’s reaching retirement age, a trend toward industry consolidation, or simply the complexity of today’s healthcare management environment.

While CEO’s may be expected to feel confident in their prospects after leaving the corner office, RN’s, physical therapists and other healthcare employees on the front line may be experiencing a different situation. Healthcare workers have long been among the most confident US workers– even through the recession — giving high ratings to their job security and prospects of finding a new job if the need arises.

A recent Randstad survey, though, showed that the healthcare employee confidence index fell in the fourth quarter of 2013, dropping to 55.1 from the previous quarter’s reading of 59.2   Despite the decline in overall confidence, nearly half of healthcare workers report that they may search for a new job over the next year — up 15 percent from the previous quarter. Furthermore, 61 percent feel confident they would be able to find a new job in their field.

In general, analysts feel the drop in confidence is a temporary blip, and expect healthcare workers to remain positive in the long term, especially when compared to workers in other industries. In fact, the numbers indicate that while healthcare staff may be concerned about the direction of the healthcare job market as a whole, they feel secure in their own personal ability to find a place in its future.

Proper staffing levels are a key factor in minimizing turnover. But with everyone from the executive suite to the emergency room evaluating their place in the healthcare staffing market, how can you stabilize your workforce situation? Consider annexing some expert help from staffing experts at Candidate Direct, whose solutions like Vendor Management Systems can prove invaluable.

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