Hospital employees nationwide are being acknowledged for their contributions during the 2014 National Hospital Week being held from May 11th to the 17th. The American Hospital Association (AHA) sponsors the week-long event with this year’s theme being “Compassion, Innovation, Dedication: The Commitment Continues.”

National Hospital Week - Healthcare WorkersNational Hospital Week is an awareness campaign that recognizes those people in the community that contribute to our health and well-being. It reminds us of the important role that hospitals play in our society.

According to the AHA, “A hospital is more than a place where people go to heal, it is part of the community that fosters health and represents hope. From providing treatment and comfort to the sick, to welcoming new life into the world, hospitals are central to a healthy and optimistic community.”

As part of National Hospital Week, The American Hospital Association (@ahahospitals) will host a Twitter Chat on Wednesday, May 14, 11:00 ET. The chat will focus on the compassion, dedication, and innovation shown in America’s hospitals through quality improvement.

Healthcare Employees Working to a Common Goal

Candidate Direct recognizes the many nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and other healthcare professionals that have been placed in hospitals nationwide through the Candidate Direct Marketplace. Candidate Direct is extremely proud of the contributions our professionals have made to the healthcare system.

Candidate Direct understands that it takes dedicated professionals to make hospitals run smoothly and efficiently. More than a staffing agency, The Candidate Direct Marketplace is a network of healthcare employers, staffing agencies, and healthcare candidates – all connected by web-based technology. Hospital hiring managers and their recruitment agencies utilize the Candidate Direct Marketplace to source, recruit, and hire skilled and experienced healthcare professionals.

Candidate Direct’s web-based staffing solutions are designed to optimize each hospital’s human resources — saving significant capital, and easing the burdens of maintaining adequate staffing levels. With a simplified approach, you can manage all of your supplemental staffing needs in an organized electronic platform. Healthcare employers and agencies alike can easily view, track and report on procurement details. Performance enhancing features provide the capability of producing instant tracking and analytical reports on all key data metrics.

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Source: American Hospital Association

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