VMS Technology for healthcare staffing and recruiting

For years now healthcare recruiters have been under enormous pressure to keep their own or client facilities fully staffed. With phones ringing all day from potential candidates, a bursting at the seams email inbox, and hiring managers clamouring to urgently fill open positions, it can be difficult for medical recruiters to stay organized and productive. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

A Vendor Management System (VMS) that interfaces with a national marketplace of healthcare professionals can not only streamline your recruiting process, but open your candidate sourcing to the entire country.

We realized significant savings almost immediately. With our first FTE hired through Candidate Direct, we saved $6,200. Candidate Direct gave us more candidates to choose from at more competitive rates. I wish all systems were this easy to use.”

Curious? Read on to see how healthcare facilities and staffing agencies can benefit.

  1. No Investment Required 

    Let’s begin by asking a question. If you were offered a no-cost, easy-to-use web-based IT solution to source, recruit, procure and manage contingent and direct hire needs, would you accept the offer? We’re not talking about a free app on iTunes with little functionality, but a full-fledged VMS designed by experts with more than 20 years in the healthcare staffing industry. There’s no catch, no monthly fees. The system is simply designed to consolidate all staffing agency communication through one easy-to-use portal for more efficient sourcing, recruiting, and hiring.

  2. Instant Access to a Nationwide Talent Pool 

    The Candidate Direct Marketplace® is a national database of healthcare professionals seeking permanent or temporary employment opportunities. This platform eliminates the need to work individually with multiple agency recruiters. You can seamlessly source candidates from your preferred agencies or choose from nearly 400 agencies in the Candidate Direct Marketplace® to source for hard-to-fill positions. And it’s all efficiently managed with the zero-cost vendor management system (VMS).

    My practice was caught off guard when our Nurse Practitioner announced she was taking an early retirement. My office manager tried unsuccessfully to find a replacement through local staffing companies. My ‘Google’ efforts paid off when I contacted Stay Staffed Candidate Direct. In less than three days we had 4 qualified candidates to review and we hired one of the 4 within the week. I attribute my success to the company’s Client Services Manager and their large network of staffing agencies.

  3. Simplifies the Staffing Process 

    With healthcare recruiters being pulled in many different directions, our clients find that the zero-cost VMS provides a single point of contact that streamlines the hiring process from sourcing to onboarding.

    Candidate Direct made all the difference when I assumed the travel nurse program at our hospital. The ‘Marketplace’ solution allowed me to organize the staffing process, eliminate annoying phone call interruptions from the staffing agencies. The display of the positions and submitted candidates in a grid format made it easy for me and the unit managers to review the information in a timely fashion.

  4. Automatic Compliance and Documentation 

    Compliance and documentation can be a time consuming process for healthcare recruiters. That’s why we designed the VMS software to automate the process.

    The customized website’s documentation module was a godsend; all the credentials in one location with the ability to audit each document. The systems alert function giving advance notice of an expiring document ensured we were always in compliance with our hospital policies.

  5. Automated Tools and Dashboard Workforce Intelligence

    The VMS software provides automated tools to manage sourcing, applicant tracking, skills assessment, documentation and credentialing, drug and background checks, licensure, timekeeping, invoicing, auditing and more. An analytics dashboard offers full transparency into your contingent labor force providing workforce intelligence that allows you to manage staffing more efficiently. Healthcare employers are able to track workforce metrics such as requisitions by vendor, time to fill rates, communications, low bidders, worker reviews, skills checklists, certifications and licensure – all at a glance.

    You have access to any position you posted and all the submissions and profiles that were sent in online in one place. All of our departments that participate in the staffing process use the site to post needs, review profiles, make offers and ensure we have compliant candidates.

  6. Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis

    Contract, per diem, travel, and temporary workers offer new challenges for management to understand, plan, and manage their contingent workforce. By tracking vendor performance, hospitals can set staffing benchmarks, plan ahead for census fluctuations, make informed policy decisions and identify which vendors continually fill hospital staffing needs with highly-qualified candidates at a desired price point. Vendor management software (VMS) provides a robust reporting package that utilizes dashboard metrics to analyze and track data for staffing management oversight and much more.

Automation for Leaner Healthcare Hiring

With the healthcare industry in a state of flux due to reform initiatives, providers are being forced to do more with less, while at the same time improving patient care. The hiring process is no different. By utilizing our zero-cost VMS with the Candidate Direct Marketplace®, hospitals, healthcare staffing agencies, and other healthcare facilities can vastly improve their hiring process through a streamlined and standardized approach. By reducing the amount of time, resources and money wasted on an inefficient recruitment process, healthcare organizations can improve their financial performance as well as patient outcomes from having optimal staffing. With our workforce management solutions, healthcare employers can expect increased fill rates, decreased staffing spend, fewer agency interruptions — and, perhaps most importantly, significantly reduced time to hire.

Are you ready to get started on your zero-cost VMS and access the Candidate Direct Marketplace of 400+ healthcare staffing agencies nationwide?  Or perhaps you would like to speak to one of our consultants for further information, if so please call 800-585-1710. You can also email your questions to:

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