The U.S. healthcare system is going to have to replace approximately 555,100 nurses through 2022 just to replace nurse attrition, according to estimates from the American Nurses Association. That’s in addition to the 574,400 new nurses that will be required to adequately care for aging boomers and additional patients as a result of the Affordable Care Act.

The ANA recommends federal action on a number of fronts including funding for nursing education to help in meeting the demand. Currently, nursing schools are turning away qualified applicants due to lack of nursing faculty and teaching facilities.

In the meantime, many hospitals and their healthcare staffing agencies are scrambling to source qualified medical professionals to fill open positions as well as prepare a talent pipeline for the future.

Sue Higgins, Product Development Manager at StayStaffed and Candidate Direct, has the solution to help hospitals and healthcare staffing agencies stay ahead of the game in a rapidly changing environment,

Our clients have been able to avoid many of the problems that others’ are experiencing in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. By using our vendor management system (VMS), clients gain access to the Candidate Direct Marketplace®, a national database of 400+ healthcare staffing agencies. They can source, recruit, and ensure compliance more efficiently through one centralized system. The system handles all types of jobs including permanent, temporary, and per diem healthcare staffing.”

Automated Sourcing with VMS

With technological advances over the past decade, it’s easier than ever to build and nurture a steady pipeline of quality healthcare professionals. Cloud-based vendor staffing management provider, StayStaffed, can connect hospitals and healthcare staffing agencies to a nationwide database for more effective sourcing capabilities.

The StayStaffed VMS workforce management software immediately connects you to the Candidate Direct Marketplace® – a national marketplace where more than 400 staffing agencies compete to fill your open healthcare jobs.

The StayStaffed VMS was developed by leaders in the healthcare staffing industry with more than 25 years of experience. Over 30 standard reports are available through the reporting and analytics functions, which can be viewed online, exported to spreadsheets, or printed.

StayStaffed workforce management software

  • Tracks compliance documentation
  • Projects staffing costs
  • Posts open positions
  • Contains a proprietary candidate-matching process

Healthcare Staffing Agency Partners

As a healthcare staffing agency partner with Candidate Direct, you receive new job orders instantly via our secure web-based Vendor Management System (VMS). You simply respond with qualified candidates and the system takes care of the rest. Member staffing agencies then identify top ranking candidates based on the unique requirements of their posted positions.

Our sophisticated healthcare Vendor Management System (VMS) helps you:

  • Get more placements
  • Increase working counts
  • Market your agency nationally
  • Manage the staffing process centrally online

See what clients are saying about StayStaffed and Candidate Direct…

I only wish that all posting platforms were as easy to use as Stay Staffed Candidate Direct.

I’ve been in this industry for more than 10 years. During this time, I’ve been privileged to work with a number of VMS and their online web-based management solution systems StayStaffed is (by far) the most convenient system I’ve encountered! It’s user friendly!

Within the Stay Staffed System, the process is simple! We can search the job openings with a click of a button. Our recruiters can easily see all of the details of any posted position Stay Staffed releases, and their uploading process allows us to submit a qualified candidate without the complications.

I am a strong believer in customer service.  In this industry, getting a timely response to inquiries from Account Managers has proven to be difficult or takes 48-72 hours. My contact at StayStaffed, Anita Margulies, is very prompt with her response should I have questions about a particular submittal. That means a lot!

We’ve combined two effective systems that create an unbeatable recruitment and hiring tool. Our Stay Staffed Vendor Management System (VMS) synergizes perfectly with our Candidate Direct Marketplace® to create a secure web-based marketplace that provides a single source for healthcare organizations and their staffing agencies to source, recruit, procure and manage contingent and permanent hiring.

Contact a Stay Staffed representative now to receive a free, no-obligation online VMS demonstration and see for yourself. It takes only 30 minutes to understand how the Stay Staffed vendor management system combined with the Candidate Direct Marketplace® can streamline your recruitment, hiring, and onboarding/off-boarding processes.

Or phone us at 800-585-1710 and speak to directly to a Stay Staffed representative.


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