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Value Added Services and Healthcare Staffing Software

The Candidate Direct Difference

At Candidate Direct we provide sophisticated workforce management tools critically important to hospitals and healthcare employers in today’s competitive environment.

Moreover, we go the extra mile with value added healthcare vendor management services designed specifically to cut costs and improve current operations.

Candidate Direct workforce management software supports your organization with powerful healthcare staffing tools that can be extended with any of the following modules:

Candidate Direct Strategic Brands

Candidate Direct Strategic Brands supports your organization’s efforts to source and build an even more qualified contingent workforce candidate pool. This proactive healthcare staffing strategy helps you identify the best candidates well before your opening exists, providing a more efficient and disciplined system to gain access to talent by building your brand identity.

Having a pool of highly skilled nurses, doctors and allied health professionals from which to choose at a moment’s notice closes gaps in patient care, keeps errors to a minimum and reduces safety risks.

Candidate Direct Strategic Brands supports efforts to source and build an even more qualified contingent workforce candidate pool. Candidate Direct Marketplace provides this exclusive value added service of building brand identity – which is not a service currently offered by other healthcare management systems (VMS).

Candidate Direct Electronic Invoice

No paper. No paper storage. Less time with recycling efforts and more visibility into costs. Our healthcare staffing software is green and efficient.  With electronic invoicing, healthcare employers maintain complete control over contingent workforce management costs such as invoice remittance processing, approval and payment. Simply input the time and an invoice is created based on your contract terms and work rules.

Streamlined operations, improved internal efficiencies and decreased annual expenditures result! No more paper invoices mailed for approval and healthcare staffing managers can view staffing costs in real time at any time from a single point of contact. Both you and your agency will be happier with this process!

Candidate Direct SmartDocs

This workforce management software module provides the ability for all candidate documentation to be viewed on screen. Expiration tracking is accomplished by sending automated VMS email messages to managers and candidates prior to documents expiring. Tracking expiration dates has never been simpler! This healthcare vendor management feature assists with The Joint Commission compliance and ensures that audits can be conducted in an organized and efficient manner.

This easy to use documentation and credentialing software ensures that your organization can manage all documents related to workforce management. Expiration date tracking and automated notification alerts healthcare staffing managers of important candidate status changes before they occur.

Value added Healthcare Staffing Solutions from Stay Staffed:

SmartShift Internal Staffing Management (ISM)

With our optional Internal Healthcare Staffing Software, your existing permanent staff members can view open per diem shifts around-the-clock. With access from any computer, your approved permanent employees can self schedule open shifts quickly and efficiently from home or work.

With our powerful Open Shift Workforce Management Software, healthcare employers achieve desired coverage with internal staff, significantly decreasing the need to hire external personnel. Staff members who want extra hours get them. Managers don’t scamper to fill open shifts. ISM healthcare staffing solutions are a Win-Win!

The best part is you save time and money.

Open Shift Management Testimonials:

"The program allows me to be a forecaster. To know when I will need employees and to let employees pick up shifts instead of putting out fires last minute."

— RN Healthcare Staffing Manager

Employees at the hospital love viewing shift availability via home or cell phone Internet and can sign up for bonus shifts far in advance.

"It gives staff ownership when scheduling extra shifts and is an easy, non-invasive way to communicate," said the ISM workforce management professional. "We were at the point where we wanted to find a way to maximize internal resources while saving money."

Agency Staffing Solutions: SmartShift Agency CRM & more

If your healthcare staffing agency lacks automation or is utilizing an application that is not fully customized for the demanding needs of the healthcare staffing industry, SmartShift CRM can provide the important healthcare staffing solutions necessary to grow your business. Contact Stay Staffed Candidate Direct today for a demonstration. Secure, web-based and cost effective, there is no other workforce management software that compares to SmartShift CRM!

If your agency lacks automation or is utilizing an application that is not fully customized for the demanding needs of the healthcare staffing industry, SmartShift CRM can provide the important tools necessary to grow your business.

Stay Staffed Candidate Direct: Meet Your Staffing Needs – And Then Some

Candidate Direct offers innovative, online healthcare vendor management services that can be implemented quickly – you can get up and running in no time. Savings and efficiencies are almost immediate In short, our approach is: Simple and effective.

We customize healthcare vendor management staffing solutions to meet your organization’s goals and objectives. With Candidate Direct value added services, you recruit top staff, save time, save money and manage permanent and temporary healthcare staff from a single VMS dashboard. 

What more could you ask for?

Candidate Direct invites you to see firsthand how our workforce management software and healthcare staffing solutions can help your organization now! Get started today and save on all your staffing needs!

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We realized significant savings almost immediately. With our first FTE hired through Candidate Direct, we saved $6200. Candidate Direct gave us more candidates to choose from at more competitive rates. I wish all systems were this easy to use.

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