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Nobody likes to be short-staffed. Especially when it comes to needing highly-skilled nurses and therapists to maintain adequate bedside care and keep errors to a minimum. The good news is you don’t have to anymore. In fact, one healthcare staffing client reported filling 17 nurse positions in a matter of days using Candidate Direct healthcare vendor management programs. Read Case Study

How does our workforce management software work?

It quite simple really and requires no investment in hardware or software – Candidate Direct hospital staffing solutions are web-based, fully secure and utilize a single point of contact to manage healthcare staffing agencies and on-board selected practitioners.

  1. Once our healthcare staffing software is deployed at your facility, staffing administrators invite agencies to submit candidates in response to job postings. Hospitals may choose to use familiar agencies or expand candidate search to our national network of healthcare staffing suppliers - many have highly-skilled practitioners ready to travel in a moment’s notice. Our healthcare vendor management programs attract permanent, per-diem, contract and travel healthcare staff.

  2. Candidate Direct healthcare staffing software automatically narrows the field of qualified candidates based on posted job descriptions and places them on your desktop (or handheld mobile device). You then set up interviews via email. Once you select a candidate to fill your vacancy, all other responding agencies are notified automatically of your decision. This alleviates tedious call backs and unproductive phone time with agents and job seekers. 

  3. Now your candidate is easily on-boarded and documentation and credentialing are seamlessly handled online via Candidate Direct workforce management software. Once a daily process of culling through applications by hand; hours searching for reliable vendors via the Internet and the endless faxing of documents back and forth to agents and candidates now reduced to a few simple online tasks.

Candidate Direct healthcare vendor management takes care of the sourcing, recruiting and processing of healthcare staff for facilities of all types: hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation clinics and private practice. Call 800-585-1710 to speak with a Candidate Direct healthcare staffing executive regarding your facilities unique needs or click Get Started Today.

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We realized significant savings almost immediately. With our first FTE hired through Candidate Direct, we saved $6200. Candidate Direct gave us more candidates to choose from at more competitive rates. I wish all systems were this easy to use.

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