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Hiring managers at healthcare organizations nationwide are being pulled in far too many directions. Candidate Direct Marketplace provides an easy-to-use web-based solution to source, recruit, procure and manage contingent and direct hire needs.

This platform eliminates the need to work individually with multiple agency recruiters. Our unique single point of contact liaison makes sure your healthcare staffing is managed with one consistent process.

Candidate Direct Marketplace - Savings of $6,200 or more

Here's how Candidate Direct works:

  • Create an account to join the Candidate Direct Marketplace
  • Jobs will be posted just to your specific selected agency pool
  • Recruitment Agencies and other Candidate Direct national talent sources submit candidates for your jobs
  • You select the best candidate for the job at the lowest rate
  • There is no investment in hardware or software and there are no monthly fees to utilize the Candidate Direct Marketplace

This simplified process generates the right results

With our workforce management solutions, healthcare employers can expect increased fill rates, decreased staffing spend, fewer agency interruptions -- and, perhaps most importantly, significantly reduced time to hire.

Candidate Direct makes it all happen. Best of all, Candidate Direct makes it all so easy.

Less Time * Less Money * Stellar Results

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