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A recent study by the American Nurses Association links improved patient care and safety with adequate nurse staffing levels when measured on a shift-by-shift, unit-by-unit basis. Though sourcing qualified nurse staff at a good price isn’t always easy, Candidate Direct hospital vendor management lets staffing managers recruit and process RNs fast, increasing fill rates and safeguarding patients.

We source registered nurse specialists from everywhere

Has your facility been searching for an Advanced Nurse Practitioner, a PEDs or NICU nurse? Our health system clients report ongoing success with sourcing hard-to-find nurses.  RNs in our staffing marketplace are licensed, credentialed, experienced and ready to start work on a moment’s notice at your facility. We provide nurse staff to hospitals, rehab clinics, outpatient centers, ambulatory surgery centers, and home health settings.

We drive healthcare staffing costs down

The Candidate Direct Marketplace includes an optional bill rate feature that allows healthcare staffing agencies to submit below-market rates for candidates as a means of boosting agency placements. This drives staffing costs down for healthcare employers and results in significant yearly savings. Moreover, agency discounts often accompany volume staffing buys.

Top 3 Vendor Management Questions

Q: How does Candidate Direct hospital vendor management reduce risk?

Candidate Direct nurse staffing solutions enable hiring managers to source the skilled candidates needed to deliver high quality healthcare – it’s as simple as that. Staffing shortages cause gaps in patient care and under-qualified candidates pose a detriment to high-risk patients.

Healthcare employers gain access to contingent and permanent talent for nursing, allied and physician placements for every shift on every unit.

Q: What makes Candidate Direct healthcare staffing solutions unique?

Candidate Direct is about people. We’ve been in healthcare staffing for almost three decades and have designed our technology around the real needs of nurse staffing managers. Additionally, the Candidate Direct isn’t overrun with new graduates and under-qualified candidates, making hard-to-find, experienced specialists easy to find and recruit.

Our single point of contact ensures healthcare employers can manage staff efficiently and with one consistent process.

Instead of dealing with multiple contacts and phone calls associated with individual candidates and agencies, healthcare employers fulfill recruitment needs utilizing a knowledgeable Candidate Direct representative. This alleviates administrative burdens and streamlines the nurse staffing process.

Q: How does the Candidate Direct work for nurse staffing?

  • Your facility joins our nationwide healthcare staffing marketplace.
  • When you post nurse jobs, recruitment agencies and other Candidate Direct national talent sources are automatically notified and submit candidates for your nursing jobs.
  • You select the best candidate for the nurse job at the lowest rate.
  • You then manage all nurse staffing agencies and healthcare candidates utilizing a single point of contact.

Candidate Direct comes at no cost to healthcare employers. That’s right. No investment in hardware or software is required and workforce automation tools are web-based and accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. Healthcare staffing agencies submit nurse staffing candidates to clients for placement. Fees are generated from other sources that enables healthcare employers to access the platform at no cost to them.

Candidate Direct offers a full array of web-based software, providing organizations with basic applications to streamline and automate mundane staffing tasks such as position posting, applicant and workforce tracking as well as complete web-based vendor management systems (VMS) .

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With Candidate Direct VMS staffing solutions, healthcare employers have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Save money on healthcare staffing the Candidate Direct way.


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