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Hard-to-fill vacancies, candidate shortages and economic constraints often make it difficult to get staffed and stay staffed. Internal recruiting efforts are costly and healthcare providers in need of specialty candidates are seeing local labor pools dry up. What’s the staffing solution?

The Healthcare Staffing Marketplace at Candidate Direct

The fully-electronic Candidate Direct Marketplace is where medical staffing agencies, providers and Internet technology come together to fill employment vacancies quickly and efficiently.

  • Healthcare facilities create job postings in minutes
  • Employment staffing agencies respond with urgency
  • Submission and Assignment flows are automated

Staffing Solutions in the Marketplace make staffing easy and cost efficient

Main attractions to the Marketplace are many. It’s web-based and requires no purchase of hardware or software. Facilities set communications policies with staffing agencies and automated tools streamline recruitment.

  • Limit time consuming calls and emails from healthcare staffing agencies and candidates
  • Candidates are sourced, submitted and on-boarded electronically
  • Supports contract development, staffing agency compliance, applicant tracking and processing

Flexible Bill Rate Feature saves clients thousands

A unique feature to the Marketplace is the ability for staffing agencies to submit bill rates for candidates below those posted by facilities. For example, a facility may post an hourly rate of $64 for an Occupational Therapist but an agency may respond with a rate of $62 to incentivize placement. Candidate Direct clients have reported saving between $6,000 and $15,000 per candidate annualized when utilizing the bill rate feature. 

Temporary Staffing Agencies are attentive to the Marketplace

Staffing industry analysts predict a greater need for temporary workers across numerous industries over the next five years, healthcare included. As permanent workers increase tax burdens, require extensive training and expensive benefits; healthcare employers are turning increasingly to temporary workers, travelers and Per Diem positions for greater returns on labor.

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