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VMS Staffing Solutions drive efficiency
for healthcare employers

Candidate Direct customizable staffing solutions save healthcare employers' time, money and aggravation. Web-based and configurable to meet the unique needs of your healthcare facility, our fully automated vendor management systems result in significant workforce efficiencies.

Candidate Direct VMS Software supports:

  • Permanent and Contingent Labor
  • Recruitment/Requisitioning
  • Contract & Vendor Compliance

Fifteen minutes could save your facility thousands every year

Clients report savings of up to $15,000 per candidate* with Candidate Direct hospital vendor management and VMS software staffing solutions.  Imagine savings on staffing spend when implemented across multiple departments, units or hospitals. Call 800.585.1710 today for a fast, no obligation VMS Software Demo.

Communications handled by Candidate Direct Saves Time

Communications once handled manually by phone or direct mail are fully automated and conveyed in real time via email and internal messaging boards.

  • Candidate submissions and approvals take place electronically, including all documentation.
  • VMS Software filters can be preset to consider, accept or reject candidates based on pre-determined submission criteria.

Flexible Bill Rate Feature saves money

To boost working counts and placements, staffing agencies participating in our vendor management programs often submit bill rates lower than posted by healthcare employers. To illustrate: You may post a $65 maximum bill rate for an OT or PT and an agency may submit a bill rate of only $62 an hour. Cost savings are almost immediate and staffing spend over time is reduced significantly. View hospital cost reduction

Analytics Dashboard offers transparency into the workforce

With Candidate Direct VMS workforce automation, staffing managers rely on a single interface to access full reporting, preset filters and real time status reports in the VMS software. The system stores encrypted files on employees past, present and under consideration, including documentation, drug tests, evaluations, disciplinary actions and more.

Our VMS Software makes it easy to find staff and stay staffed!

Our healthcare vendor management solutions are proven to close gaps in patient care and streamline recruiting. Hard to find specialists are sourced quickly and on budget and hospitals and health systems relying on travelers and temporary help can efficiently recruit outside local geographies.

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*Savings dependent upon unique needs of facility.


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We realized significant savings almost immediately. With our first FTE hired through Candidate Direct, we saved $6200. Candidate Direct gave us more candidates to choose from at more competitive rates. I wish all systems were this easy to use.

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