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Manage contingent staff easily and efficiently with VMS

Web-based management software from Candidate Direct enables workforce efficiency, cost savings and full reporting. Through a single point of contact, Candidate Direct staffing solutions empower hiring managers to recruit, process and track candidates with confidence. Dashboard analytics are customizable and training takes all of 30 minutes. Request Demo now.

Candidate Direct is workforce automation at its best. No special software or hardware is required, just an Internet connection to support agency contracts, requisitioning, vendor compliance and candidate screening. Administrative burdens are alleviated through time savings and convenience, and the fast and efficient on-boarding and off-boarding of temporary and permanent employees keep workflows moving.

What are the benefits to using Workforce Management Software?

Our Staffing Solutions save you time and money. Reduce agency phone calls and emails cluttering your inbox. Dashboard status screen displays all your agency submissions, commitments, working, and messages in one place, on one screen. Reports are displayed in real time and cost centers are made transparent across the enterprise. You’ll know what your staff is doing and when; track staffing costs and spend, and easily set benchmarks for performance – all from a unified interface!

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Can I expect ROI?

No one makes a move these days without first considering return on investment. This makes Candidate Direct web-based workforce management ideal for cost-conscious administrators. Implementation requires no capital investment and cost efficiencies are noticed almost immediately!

We specialize in Hospital Vendor Management

With over  25 years of healthcare staffing technology expertise, it is our mission to develop and implement leading-edge staffing solutions aimed at streamlining workplace efficiencies and easing the staffing burdens of managers everywhere. Experience the latest generation of hospital vendor staffing management with the Candidate Direct Marketplace solution. It’s simple, it’s easy to use, and it’s free.

Workforce Management Software


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We realized significant savings almost immediately. With our first FTE hired through Candidate Direct, we saved $6200. Candidate Direct gave us more candidates to choose from at more competitive rates. I wish all systems were this easy to use.

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