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Why Use the Candidate Direct Marketplace?


Candidate Direct is an easy-to-use staffing solution to source, recruit, procure and manage contingent and direct hire needs. Our healthcare vendor management system (VMS) leverages a single point of contact for healthcare employers to gain access to contingent and permanent talent for nursing, allied and physician placements.

  • Increase fill rates
  • Decrease staffing spend
  • Reduce hiring time
  • Alleviate agency interruptions

Vendor management systems are fast becoming the staffing solutions of choice among healthcare executives and their administrators. Quality candidates are sourced quickly and agency competition drives bill rates down for optimum value.

Here’s how Candidate Direct Workforce Management Software works

  • Create an account to join our nationwide job marketplace
  • Your jobs will be posted and notified to all of your agency vendors
  • Recruitment agencies and other Candidate Direct national talent sources submit candidates for your jobs
  • You select the best candidate for the job at the lowest rate

It's that easy

Instead of dealing with multiple contacts and phone calls associated with individual candidates and agencies, healthcare employers fulfill recruitment needs utilizing a knowledgeable Candidate Direct representative as a single point of contact. This ensures that healthcare employers can manage staff efficiently and with one consistent recruitment process.

  • What’s more, you’re sure to develop a meaningful relationship with our representatives and expand your talent pool
  • Our professionals take the time to get to know you and your staffing needs
  • Automated staffing results save you time and money permitting management to concentrate on other important strategic initiatives

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Best of all, this simplified VMS approach brings in the right results

The Candidate Direct Marketplace VMS accurately matches a healthcare employer’s job description with the most qualified candidates. This automated process simplifies hiring and makes it easy to source the best person for the job. Unlike some vendor management systems, Candidate Direct avoids a “Free for All” scenario, which can overpopulate a VMS with under-qualified candidates and hide top performers.

With Candidate Direct workforce management software, healthcare employers are able to increase fill rates, decrease staffing spend and most importantly reduce agency interruptions and time to hire.

Less time. Less money. Stellar results. Discover Candidate Direct Staffing Solutions today.

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We realized significant savings almost immediately. With our first FTE hired through Candidate Direct, we saved $6200. Candidate Direct gave us more candidates to choose from at more competitive rates. I wish all systems were this easy to use.

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